Creating and Using Copy Templates within Evergreen

This post explains creating, using, exporting, and importing item/copy templates for cataloging. Use of templates enhances the item creation process and helps ensure consistency and completeness.

Copy templates are login specific. If you usually catalog using the hrccirc login, the templates you create in that account will not be accessable using hrccat, for example. If you need to use templates across logins, you can use the export/import feature documented later in this post. 

Systems Update - Jan 29, 2016

Hello Libraries,

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! Here a couple things that have been happening with the systems side of Sage/Evergreen:

Active, 30 Day Account Expiration Courtesy Email Notice

The new notice that came packaged with 2.9.1 is active and in use for all Sage libraries now:

Assigning and Constructing Subject Headings

This post is courtesy of 


Major Steps in the subject cataloging process: Principles of SLAM

Holds Post - Downsides to Copy/Volume Holds, Clear Hold Shelf, In Process Items, Reports

Hello Libraries,

While doing a little winter cleaning, we've come across some issues related to holds that we think are useful to examine so that patrons get their holds as quickly as possible.

Systems Update - Dec 12, 2015

Hello Libraries,

I hope the holiday season (and patrons) are treating you all well! Here is a roundup of what's been going on since the last update:

Systems Update - Nov 24, 2015

Hello Libraries,

As we wind into the Thanksgiving vacation, here is what's been happening lately within Evergreen and Sage.


From member library reports, SIP clients seem to be operating well after the upgrade to the most recent version. There have been reports from some Oregon Libraries that Library2Go downloads have been problematic. Those downloads do not reside on our servers, but if you have issues signing on to Library2Go, let Beth or I know and we'll see how we can help you get connected.

Systems Update - Nov 4th, 2015

I just wanted to provide everyone with an update of what's happened recently with our Evergreen installation.

Adding Minutes in

Republication info - MARC field 534

Among the 5XX note fields available in MARC, there is one intended to record republication information.

Field 534 creates the display field "Original Version Note" in the patron display -- to indicate the given resource is a republication of an earlier work.

If your book is a reissue of a previously published edition by another publisher and the content has not changed, add this information using Field 534.  Look for republication information on the title page. 

Uniform Title - Main Entry and Added Entry

This tip is a quick review of a couple concepts introduced in my cataloging workshops.  Or rather, one concept used in two related ways.  The concept is the "uniform title" or "preferred title" as it is now also called.   This is the concept -- which actually predates RDA! -- that in some situations, a title may be used as an authority entry, like a subject heading or an author name.



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