Relaxing matching standards for cataloging?


During one of our CC meetings last fall, there was a brief discussion related to adopting some tolerance for combining items onto bibs when they are near matches: same publisher, same pagination, same content. Perhaps they only differ because one is a hardcover and the other is a paperback edition. Discussion included possibility of making notes on item details when there is a slight discrepancy with the information on the lead record.

Library Position Opening

The Joseph Public Library will have the position of Library Director open beginning November 10th, 2015.  The position is a permanent part time position of 20 hrs. per week.  Beginning pay is $12.18 per hour.  Letters of interest, resume and application are due at Joseph City Hall no later than 4:00 p.m. October 14th. For a more complete job description and information, contact Donna Warnock at 541-432-3832 or e-mail


Holdings Maintenance menu

Holdings Maintenance is a very useful feature for working with items in Evergreen (as opposed to MARC records). It displays the "holdings" or item/volume records attached to a given MARC record in the catalog. To access this screen, choose "Actions for This Record -> Holdings Maintenance" from the upper right corner of the screen. In the Holdings Maintenance menu, a pull-down menu lists all Sage member libraries by district. Those libraries that have copies of the particular book (or CD, DVD, etc.) will appear in bold text.

Using subfields $n & $p in the 245 field

Subfields '$n' (number of part or section) and '$p' (name of part or section) often appear in the 245 field for video recordings, where they are used to identify episodes or seasons of television series.

These subfields are also found in MARC records for books when the part name (the "title" of a particular volume) doesn't make grammatical sense when separated from the common (i.e. series) title in the 245 entry, and/or when the volume has ONLY a number, i.e. "Vol. XVII" as its individual title.

Tip of the Week: CC, SDH, and DVC in videorecordings

If the container for a video recording displays a small box with the letters "CC" inside it, the 546 field should include the phrase: "closed-captioned". If the container displays a small box with the acronym "SDH," then the 546 field should include a phrase such as, "optional subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing" or "optional subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired". This is different than closed-captioning because it includes non-dialog audio and speaker identification.

Tip of the Week: "Plates" in physical description

In a previous tip, we talked about the use of brackets.  This week we'll cover a sort-of-exception to the rule, involving plates.What are "plates"?  The word is a catch-all term for graphical content that's been printed separately and inserted into a book during the binding process -- as opposed to illustrations, etc.  that are "in line" with the text, and printed together with the rest of the book.  The most common usage of plates these days is for photographs.

Sage YouTube Channel

Hello Sage Libraries!

Just a reminder that the Sage Youtube channel is being added to daily!

Cataloging sessions and reports tutorials are fresh up there right now:
Sage YouTube Channel

Auto Login of Evergreen Staff Client

With Evergreen, it is possible to set your staff client to automatically log you in to Evergreen without having to put in your hostname, user name or password manually each time.

New Title Searches By Shelving Location

A while back on the listserv there was discussion of ways in which to display new books added to the catalog.Previously, you could use a feed aggregator like: would display all the new titles in a feed style interface. It worked, but wasn’t the prettiest type of display.

Adding a Nearest Sage Library search form

Hello Libraries,
By adding this HTML snippet to your website you can add a quick search to find the nearest Sage member library based on where you currently are.


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