Search Limiters within Evergreen

Hello,When you search for a title, what is Evergreen looking at to display your results?

Sage Libraries Chatroom

Hello Sage Libraries!I’m trying to implement a realtime chat service that Sage Library Members can log in to when they have a quick question for Beth or I that might be easier to ask in a chatroom than on the phone or through email.If there are more members in the chatroom, it could be helpful for other staff members to ask each other questions. I’ve made the chatroom private, so that it is not on the public lists. However, there is no password on the chat, so please refrain from sending sensitive information like patron names or addresses through the chat.

Embedding Sage’s Catalog Search on Outside Sites

Hello Libraries,I’ve heard a few people interested in putting a widget on their website so that they can search Sage’s catalog without first needing to be on the page or a Plinkit site.The widget is a form that you can embed on your website to call the Sage Catalog and do an easy keyword search.

Tip of the Week: Batch Updating/Checking Items in the Item Status Screen

Have you ever done a careful inventory scan of a specific shelving location and wanted to know more about the items you scanned besides their barcode and comparing them with a report?The item status screen is a very useful tool for catalogers as well as staff wishing to make batch changes on a set of barcoded items. It is especially useful when you have a scanned list of barcodes of items you’d like to “clean up” — e.g. change shelving location, circulating library, circulation modifier, holdable status and more.

Tip of the Week: ILL items your library has out (reports)

Hello Libraries,I thought it might be nice to have a weekly quick tip for various parts of Evergreen and its functionality. I remember hearing from a few librarians that they wanted to see which books they had lent out to non-local patrons (ILL items).

Update: Mac OS X Client

Hello Libraries,There was a problem with the newer version of Mac OS X that was just released (10.9 Mavericks) and compatibility with the Evergreen client bundle.I thought this was a good opportunity to make the install process easier than having to do some command line work. I packaged the neccessary files together and made an installer so all you have to do is download the file from the update link, open it and you should be good to go.

Setting up a Label Printer for Spine Labels in Evergreen 2.4

In this example, I’m setting up a Dymo LabelWriter 450 using Windows 7. The process will be roughly the same if you’re using Linux/Mac with the exception of the printer driver installations outside of Evergreen.Install the printer drivers for your appropriate operating system. For this printer, I went to Dymo’s site and downloaded both the LabelWriter printer drivers and the LabelManager software. You only really need the LabelWriter drivers to work with labels through Evergreen.

Format Limits

The format pre-search limit is now controlled by a search filter group. Search filter groups can filter out searches based on fields in the bibliographic record and a few fields in the copy/item record. Unfortunately the circulation modifier is not a field that can currently be used in the search filter group.Below are the current settings for the “mat_format” search filter group:Audiobooks – Fixed field “Type” = “i”Books – “Type” = “a”  minus titles that have “o”, “s”, or “b” in the “Form” field. This would exclude online materials and microfiche.

Keyboard shortcuts

In Evergreen, you can use a variety of hotkeys to speed up transactions in the staff client.

Installing Evergreen 2.4 on Mac OSX

Our new version of Evergreen came with an XUL package that can be run to work with OSX. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of running a virtual machine or using the Firefox plugin on your Mac, this might be a good alternative for you.Installing Sage’s Evergreen 2.4 on Mac OSX1) Go to Mozilla’s site and download the XULrunner package (here)–there are other versions you can run, but 2.0 works fine–2) Run the installer.


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