Republication info - MARC field 534

Among the 5XX note fields available in MARC, there is one intended to record republication information.

Field 534 creates the display field "Original Version Note" in the patron display -- to indicate the given resource is a republication of an earlier work.

If your book is a reissue of a previously published edition by another publisher and the content has not changed, add this information using Field 534.  Look for republication information on the title page. 

If your resource uses the words, 'first published' or 'originally published', begin the note with: "Originally published:"  Otherwise, use the wording, "Previously published" at the beginning of your note.  Whether "originally" or "previously," place this information in subfield $p of 534.

Note:  Watch out for the words, "First published in _______".  In this case, use the words "Previously published" because it is unknown if the book was published elsewhere at an earlier date.

Add this note above the 520 summary field and above the 504 index/bibliography field, if present.

When entering republication information in either Field 533 or 534, , use the standardized format of  Place : Publisher, Date.   DO NOT use subfields $a $b $c to separate this information in a 533/534 field.  Instead, use only $c to separate the information from the introductory statement in 534 $p.


"Originally published by St. Martin's Press, New York, 1999."
=534 \\$pOriginally published: $cNew York : St. Martin's Press, 1999.

"First published by Bywater Books, Ann Arbor, MI."
=534 \\$pOriginally published: $cAnn Arbor, MI : Bywater Books.

"Previously published in Boston by Houghton Mifflin, 2001."
=534 \\$pPreviously published: $cBoston : Houghton Mifflin, 2001.

Be sure to make a space before and after the second colon. 

As with all 5XX notes, the line ends with a period.

In the fixed fields, the republication date goes in the Date2 slot.  The DtSt field is coded 'r'.  Remember, though, this only applies if the content has not changed. 

If you don't know the original publication date, as in the second example, put 'uuuu' in the Date 2 field. 

P.S. there also exists a "Reproduction Note," Field 533, however this field is used to indicate a resource has reproductions in alternate formats, e.g. microfilm, photocopies, digital copies, etc.  It is not reciprocal with Field 534.

As always, consult the LOC MARC standards page or the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards manual for further information.

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