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Hello Sage Libraries!I’m trying to implement a realtime chat service that Sage Library Members can log in to when they have a quick question for Beth or I that might be easier to ask in a chatroom than on the phone or through email.If there are more members in the chatroom, it could be helpful for other staff members to ask each other questions. I’ve made the chatroom private, so that it is not on the public lists. However, there is no password on the chat, so please refrain from sending sensitive information like patron names or addresses through the chat. You can also send a private message to Beth (blongwell) or myself (bmills_sage) by double clicking on our names or typing: /msg username message in the main window.There are a couple ways to access the chat.1) Through the Sage Wiki: is one of the easiest ways. Choose a username (hopefully something that tells us about yourself and where you work, e.g. Sarah_HoodRiver). My name is: bmills_sage and Beth Longwell’s is: blongwel.sagetestshot 2) Through a client that supports IRCThere are a variety of clients available if you want to use something outside of the browser. On Mac OS X, I prefer Adium. For Windows or Linux I would recommend Pidgin. There will be an intro to setting up Pidgin for Windows coming up soon specific to our chatroom.3) Embedded WebChatThis could be enabled on any website that allows for embedding html snippets into the code.Let us know what you think and questions you might have. I believe this could be a great tool if leveraged correctly.Thanks!Connection Info (if you want to go your own way!) no login/password required:

channel name: #sagelibraries
port: 6667



this is a test for the chat room access - comes up as STAFF (my name) and no place to change it

or to type in to a specific person?

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