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Setting up a Label Printer for Spine Labels in Evergreen 2.4

In this example, I’m setting up a Dymo LabelWriter 450 using Windows 7. The process will be roughly the same if you’re using Linux/Mac with the exception of the printer driver installations outside of Evergreen.Install the printer drivers for your appropriate operating system. For this printer, I went to Dymo’s site and downloaded both the LabelWriter printer drivers and the LabelManager software. You only really need the LabelWriter drivers to work with labels through Evergreen.

Format Limits

The format pre-search limit is now controlled by a search filter group. Search filter groups can filter out searches based on fields in the bibliographic record and a few fields in the copy/item record. Unfortunately the circulation modifier is not a field that can currently be used in the search filter group.Below are the current settings for the “mat_format” search filter group:Audiobooks – Fixed field “Type” = “i”Books – “Type” = “a”  minus titles that have “o”, “s”, or “b” in the “Form” field. This would exclude online materials and microfiche.

Keyboard shortcuts

In Evergreen, you can use a variety of hotkeys to speed up transactions in the staff client.

Installing Evergreen 2.4 on Mac OSX

Our new version of Evergreen came with an XUL package that can be run to work with OSX. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of running a virtual machine or using the Firefox plugin on your Mac, this might be a good alternative for you.Installing Sage’s Evergreen 2.4 on Mac OSX1) Go to Mozilla’s site and download the XULrunner package (here)–there are other versions you can run, but 2.0 works fine–2) Run the installer.

Colors Associated with a Patron Account

You may have noticed the box of color that surrounds a patron name within their account.

New Checkin Modifier

Since version 2.2, Evergreen has several new additions to the checkin interface. Of the available options, these four are the most recent. They mainly concern how holds are handled at the induction point: (click image to enlarge)Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.00.13 PMNew Checkin Modifiers

Patron Account: Enabling Checkout History

This is a guide to help patron’s set their account to save a record of the items they’ve checked out. This can be useful in seeing which items a patron has already checked out while searching the catalog.


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