Systems Update - February 24, 2017 (and goodbye!)

Hello Libraries,

Here is you systems update for the week of February 24th, 2017.

New patron welcome email [Update]

We have updated the generic "welcome new patrons" email for libraries wishing to use the function. The newest revision would look like this to a patron:

  • Variables include
    • Library name (OTLD Heppner Branch would be changed to whichever library the new patron is a member of)
    • Library address / email (changed to whichever library the new patron is a member of)


Thank you for signing up for an account with the OTLD Heppner Branch on 02-22-2017.

This email is your confirmation that your account is set up and ready as well as testing to see that we have your correct email address.

If you did not sign up for an account at the library and have received this email in error, please reply and let us know.

You can access your account online at From that site you can search the catalog, request materials, update your account information and renew materials. To leave suggestions for titles you would like the library to purchase, please visit

Our library is a member of the Sage Library Consortium of Eastern Oregon. Items checked out at any Sage Library can be returned to any Sage library. Please see for a list of all Sage libraries.

Being a member of Sage also gives you access to Library2Go, a source of e-books and audiobooks that you can download to your electronic devices. To access the site, visit and click the green "Sign In" button. Select "Leo Listens - Libraries of Eastern Oregon" from the Library selection dropdown menu and then enter your library card barcode and password (default is last 4 digits of your phone number).

OTLD Heppner Branch

Contact your library for more information:

OTLD Heppner Branch
444 North Main Street PO Box 325
Heppner, OR

New patron password (default)

Patrons at "most" libraries had their default password be the last four digits of their phone number as entered into the "Day phone" field of the patron registration form. It came to our attention that some libraries did not have that as their default setting. We have corrected the error so that patrons now registering at any Sage library can be told that "the last four digits of the phone number you gave me is your default PIN/password when signing into or Library2Go"

New custom domain names for Harney County Schools

The following Harney County Schools: [Slater, Hines] now have custom domain name prefixes to limit searches to their collections automatically.

Going to:

  1. (Hines Middle School)
  2. (Slater Elementary)

will limit the scope to those collections automatically like the rest of the custom domains for Sage libraries.

Thank You!

I've had a great time working with the Sage Library System as a whole and the invidual member libraries and staff. I just wanted to say "thank you" for such a great experience and I wish nothing but the best for Sage moving forward!

Some extra things:

  1. My email address ( will redirect to my Gmail account for a period of 1 month and then be deleted.
  2. The phone number in the email signature line of all the emails you've received from me is my normal phone, so feel free to call if you want to say "hi" sometime smiley.


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