Systems Update - January 07, 2016

Hello Libraries,

Here is your systems update for the week of January 7th, 2016.

New 999 $e value of "Video games"

Dea Nowell sent out an email to the cataloging listserv a few days ago (need to be a member of cat listserv to see) alerting catalogers to the inclusion of a new 999 $e value to our exisiting options that you can see at Video game records didn't have a great way to be tagged with regards to 999 $e's and this will be a good addition for more targeted searching.

The 999 $e's are a Sage customization that allows for designating a record part of a "material type" from the controlled list of values in the above 999$e document. These can be leveraged to give keyword searches a bump for records that contain them. So, if a patron searches for "game of thrones dvd", records that contain a 999 $e for "DVD" will be promoted higher in the results. The 999$e's are also what you see giving you the "Material Type" facet listing after perfoming a search. Note: 999$e's are normalized to always be capital letters. Also, make sure to spell the value correctly. The 999 is an uncontrolled field, so if you type "DBD" it will get indexed as such.



Last Chance: Custom Templates Survey

Please take this survey re: changing the default templates to the custom receipt sets we currently have available. These will take effect after the 2.11.1 upgrade.

REMINDER: January 15th is upgrade day

Just another reminder that next Sunday (January 15th) we will bring down our Evergreen instance to upgrade it to 2.11.1. Please check out the upgrade page --> 2.11.1 UPGRADE PAGE for more information and handouts for patrons.

Thank you and stay safe with all of this winter weather we've been having lately.

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