Systems Update - January 22, 2017

Hello Libraries,

Here is your systems update for the week of January 22nd, 2017.

Upgrade Updates

  • Unresolved Issues

    • Within the staff client, choosing "Print Page" on a search result page will sometimes produce garbled text, or nothing at all. Printing through the OPAC ( will work fine. The staff client uses a different kind of print call and isn't grabbing the newer fonts we are using, resulting in this issue. We are working on this and should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, if you need to print a list of results, use the OPAC's result lists and you should be fine.
  • Resolved Issues

    • "Funky" hold pull lists and targeting. This was not just a Sage issue and affected any Evergreen library that had recently upgraded to the 2.11.x series. There had been reports of strange pull lists and hold placement (we have a copy available at Baker but a copy came from La Grande...). There were two fixes put in the day after our upgrade and the pull lists/placement should be back to normal now.
    • Home Page saying that the catalog was "For Staff". That was a miss from migrating templates over from the test server.
    • "Non re-ingested records" could cause issues when attempting to add items to them. Our reingest scripts have mostly finished at this stage, and I haven't encountered any issues with editing items attached to non re-ingested records at this point. Please send a support ticket to if you notice this happening again.
    • Header links tweaked to correctly send users to the site (Library2Go) without redirects. Sites without https versions (FantasticFiction) were reverted to their http version.
    • Text size in the Advanced Search pages (Numeric, General) has been increased to match up with the rest of the site.

Selfcheck Update

  • The selfcheck page should look like this after logging in:
  • main_page.png
  • If it does not, you are likely still loading the older version. To remedy this, make sure you clear the cache in your browser by following the steps at for your chosen browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox)


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