Tip of the Week: ILL items your library has out (reports)

Hello Libraries,I thought it might be nice to have a weekly quick tip for various parts of Evergreen and its functionality. I remember hearing from a few librarians that they wanted to see which books they had lent out to non-local patrons (ILL items). This report would also help you see which patrons that don’t belong to your library currently have a book checked out from your collection.-If you go into Shared Folders>Templates>admin>ILL HOLDS DATA (SAGE)>Items Loaned Out to Non-Local Patrons and choose your branch library for both of the selections, you can see where your items are circulating outside of your library branch.-I give a short guide on setting up the report on the linked Screencast below which you can view in your browser.Screencast for ILL Report (click to view, 9.1MB)-Also, when opening up the report in Microsoft Excel, you might notice that the barcodes occasionally look like “2.312E+13″. You need to right click the top of the column that contains those barcodes, select: “Format Cells>Number”  and set the number to “0”. The numbers should appear normally from then on.Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.55.48 PM 


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