Holds - Suspending, Activating, or Cancelling Holds

When you log in to your online account and look at the items that you have on hold, there are three things that you actions that you can choose to carry out on your holds. You can Suspend a hold, Activate a hold, or Cancel a hold.

These three choices appear in the dropdown box above the list of your holds on the Items On Hold page in your account.

Suspending a hold means that you would like the system not to fill the hold for the moment. A record of your hold will be kept indefinitely in the system while it is suspended. No attempt, however, will be made to fill the hold. A typical use of suspending a hold is to insure that items will not show up while you are away from home on vacation.

Activating a hold means that you would like the system to fill your hold as soon as possible. When you place a hold, the hold is automatically active. If you have suspended a hold but now would like to receive the item, you would need to activate the suspended hold.

Cancelling a hold means that you no longer want the item and you would like the hold request removed. When you cancel a hold, the hold will disappear from your display. If you have chosen the option Keep History of Holds from the Account Preferences > Search and History Preferences page, your cancelled holds will display.

To carry out any of these actions related to a hold, follow these steps:

1. Check the checkbox next to the item or items. The checkbox is at the beginning of each line item in your holds screen.

2. Choose the action from the dropdown list above the list of your holds. Choose Suspend, Activate or Cancel, depending on what you want to do.

3. Click the Go button.