My Account - Renewing Materials

You can renew materials that you have checked out without having to make a trip to your library!

  • Log into your account by clicking on the  button in the top right corner of
  • You will see the number of items you have out both in the corner of the screen and in the middle of the screen under "Items Currently Checked out". In this example, there is one item checked out. See the picture below:

  • Click on either the "View All" link next to the "Items Currently Checked out" or on the "Items Checked Out" tab. You will see the list of items you have checked out at the moment. See the picture below:

Notice that the item "Cat" is checked out. It has a due date of 03/19/2015 and shows that there are TWO renewals left. (If there are ZERO renewals left, you cannot renew an item on line and must seek assistance from your library staff.)

  • Check the checkbox next to the item (or items) that you want to renew and click the "Go" button.

  • A pop-up box will appear asking if you really want to renew the selected item(s). If you do, click OK. If not, click Cancel

  • If you clicked OK, the screen will change and you will see that the renewal has been successful. See the picture below:


Notice that RENEWALS LEFT shows ONE. (The due date did not change because, for the sake of this example, the item was renewed on the same day it was taken out. Ordinarily, the DUE DATE will change.)