Setting Up a Spine Label Printer for Windows 10

Hello Libraries,

I know many of you are making the move to Windows 10 now, and I just wanted to document the process of setting up a Dymo LabelWriter 450 label printer in a new Windows 10 install for use with Evergreen.

Setting up the printer outside of Evergreen

  • Power on the LabelWriter 450 and plug it into a USB port for the computer
  • If you receive an error about "You plugged a USB 2.0 device into a USB 3.0 port, this may cause issues", do not worry. You can ignore this message.

Screenshot (2).png

  • Go to: and download the latest set of drivers for Windows machines. The file is large, so this might take a while to run.
    • Double click on the .exe file in your download location and follow the prompts for an "Express Installation"
  • Once the installation is finished, click on the four-paned "Windows" logo in the lower, left section of the screen.
    • In the search field, type "Printers"
    • Open up the "Devices and Printers" control panel that appears in the search results
    • Check that you see a "Dymo 450" underneath the "Printers" section and not the "Unspecified" section

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (4).png

  • You should be finished with your non-Evergreen portion of the Label Printer installation now.


Setting up the printer inside Evergreen

  • Open up Evergreen
  • Navigate to the Admin Menu (top right corner next to the "X" button"
    • Go to Workstation Administration > Printer Settings Editor
  • Click on the "Label" printer button and then click on "Page Settings"

Screenshot (5).png

  • Click over to the "Margins & Header/Footer" tab and ensure that
    • Margins are all set to "0.0"
    • Headers & Footers are all: --blank--

Screenshot (6).png

  • Now click on "Set Default Printer and Print Test Page"
  • Ensure that the "DymoLabel 450" printer is selected in the pop-up print dialog box and click "Print"
    • You should see a very small set of numerals on the label sticker with "Test Print" at the top and bottom
    • Good! We now know that Evergreen can talk to your label printer
  • Now we need to test the output for an actual spine label
  • Scan any of your items into item status using its barcode
    • Right click on the item and choose "Print Spine Label"
    • For most spine label printers, leave "Pocket Label" unchecked
    • The Settings for Hood River's spine label printers are as follows:
    • The default settings are:
      • Font size: 10
      • Font weight: normal
      • Left Margin: 0
      • Label Width: 8
      • Label Length: 9
      • Pocket Label Settings Disabled
    • Choose whichever settings work best for you and your label stock
    • After making changes in the Spine Label page, click "Re-Generate" to see the new changes reflected in the preview
    • Click on "Preview and Print" to see what your spine label will look like
    • It should look similar to the bottom picture of these two labels (the top is the test settings print)