Cataloging Committee Minutes - August 2, 2021

Cataloging Committee Meeting Minutes - August 2, 2021

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Celine Vandervlugt (La Grande, chair), Beth Ross (Sage), JonGeorg (Sage), John Brockman (Baker), Heather Spry (Baker), BoDean Warnock (Baker), Perry Stokes (Baker), Heather Estrada (BMCC), Vicki Bond (Grant), Leeann Baldwin (Hermiston), Leslie Carlock (Lake), Tracy Hayes (Lake), Jenny Simpson (Nyssa), Dea Nowell (UCSLD)


June Minutes

Motion to approve (John Brockman), Second (Tracy Hayes). Minutes were approved with no changes.


General Forum/Member Comments

Celine asked for general cataloging concerns or questions.  None were raised. Also asked of the group was whether or not any notable changes were enacted in their respective libraries because of recent increased COVID concerns.


New Business

New searching groups

Now added to the catalog is a new way of searching based on different groups of patrons.  The menu where one would normally select a specific library now has additional options at the top:

                Sage Juvenile Materials, Sage Juvenile Easy Materials, Sage Large Print, Sage Adult Materials (Videos excluded)

Rather than based on the “Audn” fixed field code (as the Audience box is), these groups are based on Shelving Location labels of all the Sage Libraries. This will provide an additional and (hopefully) more accurate searching alternative.


New MARC templates

The available MARC templates in the “Create a new MARC record” option have been updated to be more RDA-friendly.  All of these templates have a 599 field that says “Original record, needs review”. CAT2 catalogers are encourage to leave this field in when using these templates; However, the 599 field is not required when importing Z39.50 records or attaching to existing Sage bib records. The “Elvl” fixed field (which formally was “K”) is now 5, to show that the record is less than “Full Level”. When Beth and Jon review the records for completeness, they will adjust the Elvl if needed. Please do not add a 5 in Elvl when copy cataloging using Z39.50.

Some templates include fields that are meant to provide additional instructions/clarifications for the cataloger (e.g. book club kit), and those will be removed automatically upon saving the record.

The Library of Things template is in process.


Free-floating subdivisions

Free-floating subdivisions are a special set of topical and form terms that can be attached to existing LCSH authorized headings.  H 1095 is the document that lists all of these terms and provides instructions for their use. Some examples of common free-floating subdivisions in our catalog are: $vFiction, $vJuvenile fiction, $xHistory, $vBiography and many others.

Today’s demonstration showed how to look up an existing subject heading from a Sage bib record on the LOC authorities page:

                650 \0$aWomen$xSuffrage$zUnited States$xHistory$y20th century.

Because this is not an authorized subject heading (it is authorized up until $y20th century), the demonstration then showed how to look up “20th century” in the H 1095 document.  In this example, both the “History” and “20th century” free-floating subdivisions were appropriate to use in this heading according to the instructions in H 1095.

When the Library of Congress adds or revises subject headings they make them available for public view on the weekly lists page of their website. The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) also has a page for editorial Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO) decisions made every month.

A question was raised as to the MARC fields in an authority record and what they mean (e.g. 150, 550). It was pointed out that there is a “Labelled display” on the authorities page that translates the MARC fields. For example, in the authority record for the series title “Women’s writing”:

010 (LC Control Number): no2002040787

130 (Uniform title heading): Women’s writing

643 (Series place/Issuing body): New Delhi : Khosla Pub. House

670 (Found in): The fiction of Anita Desai, c2002: v. 1, jkt. (Women’s writing)

Comprehensive guides to MARC field information for authority records exists in both Library of Congress as well as OCLC.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:31 AM PDT.  The next committee meeting will be Monday, October 4, at 11 AM PDT.

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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