Cataloging Committee Minutes - February 1, 2021

Sage Cataloging Committee Meeting 2/1/2021

Attendees: John Brockman (Baker), Dea Nowell (UCSLD), Laurie O’Connor (Harney), Jon Georg (Sage), Heather Spry (Baker), BoDean Warnock (Baker), Lisa Hauner (OTLD), Tracy Hayes (Lake), Valeria Gardner (Ontario), Jenny Simpson (Nyssa) Leslie Carlock (Lake), Mary Mitchell (Arlington), Heather Estrada (BMCC)


Minutes: John asked if everyone had a chance to look at the meeting minutes from the December meeting and if anyone had any questions/concerns fixes. Hearing none he asked for a motion to approve, Laurie motioned to approve as written and Heather Spry seconded. No one opposed, the minutes were accepted.


CAT1 Candidates

There are currently two CAT1 candidates. If anyone has an interest to move up in CAT levels, please talk to your mentor and library director since there is a process now. John is the current liaison for advancing in Cataloging levels so please also contact him if you have any questions.



When importing records, noticing this field is helpful.  A blank in this field will be a more complete record than a 3 or 7. Generally, more changes will need to be made if the ELvl is 3 or 7. We should be seeing fewer and fewer letters in this field and Sage is changing their templates to reflect this change. Currently the Elvl for Sage is k and we will be changing it to 3.

If you go back and look at your record and it has been last edited by Laurie and Dea and the Elvl is 1, it means the record was full level but changed with the item not in hand. In this case it would be a good idea to make sure your item still matches.

The minimal level cataloging that we're expecting is a full level record, when importing or creating new records, except in the case of temp records. 


Questions - Language books with CD's, problem

Laurie O’Connor suggested the committee revisit Books with CDs and proper procedures with examples for how to handle these consistently. Several records were found from many years past that were “a mess” and should not be used as examples for newer records. Specific problems noted were 006/007/999 fields.

Questions - anyone having problems cataloging 3D materials /Library of Things and have questions?

Lisa mentioned that Hood River and Harney have good bib records she uses to catalog their realia materials. John mentioned that Hillsboro library have a very large amount of materials and you can actually go into their catalog and look at their Marc record. 


Book club kits template

The kit template in Evergreen really isn't appropriate for book club kits. John gave an example for what the Book Club kit template is going to look like and if you have any questions or need clarification please ask. We are experimenting with putting instructions in a field that is going to be stripped when it's imported. Please make sure you read these notes and follow them so our catalog is consistent. 

We are trying to keep these book club kit records as generic as possible, the 300 field will just say volumes. Do not add a number to this field, so we will not need multiple book club records. The number of books in your Book Club kit will be put into the parts field when you are adding your item. This will make it easier for the patrons to put the correct item on hold. Adding parts to the items will make it harder for patrons to accidentally put the wrong items on hold. 

We are adding a localized Sage heading for Book club kit (690) so that patrons can search by subject if they want too and come up with just book club kits. Another way to discover just book club kits is similar to Library of Things. In the 999 field $f, you will put bck, and it will be able to limit the search specifically to book club kits in the “Item Type” box of the OPAC. 


OPAC images

If you notice an incorrect or absent cover picture in the record on which you’re working, there is a way to get it to display. The image is usually pulled from the first 020 field in the record. Sometimes when an item is too new, self published, or obscure there isn't always a picture to match to your item from where these images are pulled. If you want the picture to display, you need to find and save a picture that is at least 400 x 400 pixels. Email the picture and the database ID to Jon Georg and he can upload them to Evergreen to display properly. This should be done in batches and not on an individual item basis if at all possible. 

If you accidentally put the wrong ISBN in a record, or you have changed the ISBNs around to display a different cover and the picture isn't updating or displaying properly, you can click the “clear added content cache” link. This clears the saved picture for this record from the servers and will pull the picture from the server again and this will hopefully be the correct picture now displaying in the OPAC. 



This is directly tied to Material types in the search results. This is the first facet on the search results page that patrons see and it is very important that this terminology is controlled and consistent. You NEED to be adding the 999 field with the appropriate term when you are importing any record into the system or creating your own record. There is a list of terms you can use on the Sage website. Do NOT use terminal punctuation in the 999 field because the period is not ignored in this field and will cause the results to then display incorrectly as BOOK. instead of just BOOK please make sure you are typing it in properly. A problem that seems to be a common occurrence is when the 999 says Music, or Audiobooks which is incorrect, those entries should say Music CD and Audiobook CD if you have questions about this please ask your mentor or a mentor.


Video Recording

The link to this meeting’s recording is:

The next Cataloging committee meeting will be Monday, April 5, 2021 at 11AM PDT

Meeting Date: 
Monday, February 1, 2021

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