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  • Can I request a library card online?

    • Not yet! but we're working with our members to hopefully have this functionality built-in for some of our libraries in the future. For now, you'll have to visit your local library in person to start the process of getting a library card. You can also search for your local library by clicking on the "Members" tab above.
  • Can I renew my books online?

Setting Up a Spine Label Printer for Windows 10

Hello Libraries,

I know many of you are making the move to Windows 10 now, and I just wanted to document the process of setting up a Dymo LabelWriter 450 label printer in a new Windows 10 install for use with Evergreen.

Suggest - Item Purchase Request

Are you hoping to find something within Sage, but cannot locate it anywhere? Your best option would be to contact your home library directly and make a suggestion. The best ways to do this are via:

  • Their purchase request form on their website (if available)
  • Their email address

If you are a member of the following libraries, you can direct your inquires to these sources:

Documentation (in progress)

Circulation Documentation

Circulation Policies and Procedures Manual
Circulation Overview
Age Protection
Alerts, Notes, and Messages
Amnesty Mode
Barcode and Library Card Ordering Info
Barcode Scanners
Circulation Matrix
Circulation Modifiers
Clear Holds Shelf
Clear Items In Transit
Collection and Account Maintenance Reports
Creating and Maintaining Patron Records
Basic, Standard (SAGE) Patron Profile
Green Bags
Grouping and Ungrouping Patrons
Holds on Multi-Part Items

Creating and Using Copy Templates within Evergreen

This post explains creating, using, exporting, and importing item/copy templates for cataloging. Use of templates enhances the item creation process and helps ensure consistency and completeness.

Copy templates are login specific. If you usually catalog using the hrccirc login, the templates you create in that account will not be accessable using hrccat, for example. If you need to use templates across logins, you can use the export/import feature documented later in this post. 

Include All Results in Basic Search

Do you find other libraries have copies of items on a bib that aren't showing up in searches? Or seem to be hidden? This can happen when items are not in a "active" status, e.g. "Lost" or "Missing", or has Age Protection enabled. If you'd like to see all of the results, you can set the search preferences for the staff client to favor certain results or hide others.

There are multiple ways to set these, but my recommendation would be to set:

Why is My Hold Not Triggering?

There are a couple reasons why a hold that should "otherwise" trigger when checked in, might not within Evergreen. The following are a list of the more common reasons and item might not be selected to fill a hold:

Clearing the Holds Shelf

Staff should regularly check their holds shelves to be sure that items that have not been picked up within the allotted amount of time are checked back in and either reshelved or placed in transit so that other library patrons may have access to them.

Staff Clients

Production Server (version 2.7.5)

Test Server (version 2.9.0)

Dealing with Holds

Current for version 2.7.5


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