Systems Update - June 3rd, 2016

Hello Libraries,

I will be gone tomorrow (Saturday), so I thought I would update you with this week's systems update a little earlier.

Update - Logo Design Changes [Proposed]

Hello Libraries,

Thank you to those who have responded to the poll. It looks like the majority of you liked the general idea for the beveled edges.

I've done a few quick mockups to illustrate what the changes could look like based on your input. The main driving concerns I heard were:

New Title Searches By Shelving Location

A while back on the listserv there was discussion of ways in which to display new books added to the catalog.Previously, you could use a feed aggregator like:http://catalog.sage.eou.edu/opac/extras/browse/html-full/item-age/UM-PENWhich would display all the new titles in a feed style interface. It worked, but wasn’t the prettiest type of display.

Search Limiters within Evergreen

Hello,When you search for a title, what is Evergreen looking at to display your results?

Format Limits

The format pre-search limit is now controlled by a search filter group. Search filter groups can filter out searches based on fields in the bibliographic record and a few fields in the copy/item record. Unfortunately the circulation modifier is not a field that can currently be used in the search filter group.Below are the current settings for the “mat_format” search filter group:Audiobooks – Fixed field “Type” = “i”Books – “Type” = “a”  minus titles that have “o”, “s”, or “b” in the “Form” field. This would exclude online materials and microfiche.

Proposed OPAC Changes

We would like to make some basic improvements to the OPAC. We will feature the changes on our test/development server, ask library staff to review and provide feedback, and then implement for the production web site on a given date. The screenshot above features current proposed changes - a slider for featured items and buttons for menu options. Feel free to comment.

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