Suggest - Item Purchase Request

Are you hoping to find something within Sage, but cannot locate it anywhere? Your best option would be to contact your home library directly and make a suggestion. The best ways to do this are via:

  • Their purchase request form on their website (if available)
  • Their email address

If you are a member of the following libraries, you can direct your inquires to these sources:

General - How do I get an Online Account to Place Holds at Home?

When you are issued your library card, an online account is automatically created. There is no extra sign up needed.

When a library staff member  sets up your library account for you and issues you a library card, a part of the computer screen that s/he uses has a place to enter "OPAC User Name". This will be the user name that you will enter on the OPAC log in screen. If they have not entered anything additional here, you can just use your library card number as your login.

Search - What does "sort by relevance" mean?

In this document, we're going to use Basic Search in the online catalog as our example. All the principles mentioned for Basic Search work the same way for Advanced Search.

What is "relevance"?

When you do a search in the online catalog, you enter a keyword or keywords (a word or words that you type into the search box) and  you also have the option of choosing search filters (type of keyword search, type of material, and location).

Search - What if there are no results for my search?

Like other things in life, searching in the catalog doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for. If nothing is found for your search, you’ll see this message (or something very much like it): 

Sorry. No entries were found for nyarlathotep.

In this case, we did a search for Books - nyarlathotep - Title - All Sage Libraries. What this tells us is that there are no books in all the libraries of the consortium that have “nyarlathotep” in the title. 

Search - How to search the catalog

The home page for the Sage catalog allows you to search for books and other items at your library or libraries.

The home page contains a single search box for you to enter search terms. You can get to the home page at any time by clicking on the Home link from the black bar located at the top-left of any page in the catalog or by clicking on the Sage logo. You can begin a new search anywhere you see a search box without returning to the home page first.

My Account - Renewing Materials

You can renew materials that you have checked out without having to make a trip to your library!

Colors Associated with a Patron Account

You may have noticed the box of color that surrounds a patron name within their account.

Patron Account: Enabling Checkout History

This is a guide to help patron’s set their account to save a record of the items they’ve checked out. This can be useful in seeing which items a patron has already checked out while searching the catalog.

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