New Title Searches By Shelving Location

A while back on the listserv there was discussion of ways in which to display new books added to the catalog.Previously, you could use a feed aggregator like: would display all the new titles in a feed style interface. It worked, but wasn’t the prettiest type of display.

Search Limiters within Evergreen

Hello,When you search for a title, what is Evergreen looking at to display your results?

Format Limits

The format pre-search limit is now controlled by a search filter group. Search filter groups can filter out searches based on fields in the bibliographic record and a few fields in the copy/item record. Unfortunately the circulation modifier is not a field that can currently be used in the search filter group.Below are the current settings for the “mat_format” search filter group:Audiobooks – Fixed field “Type” = “i”Books – “Type” = “a”  minus titles that have “o”, “s”, or “b” in the “Form” field. This would exclude online materials and microfiche.

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